Sites sobre STATA


Transcrevo a seguir uma relação de sites onde se pode obter informações e notas de aulas sobre o uso do software econométrico STATA. Anotem aí:

A very brief introduction to Getting started in Windows Stata is: stataintro.html

The American Economic Association has developed a site on how to use Stata (as well as LIMDEP and SAS).

The text A.Colin Cameron and Pravin K. Trivedi (2009, revised edition 2010), “Microeconometrics using Stata”, Stata Press,
focuses on use of Stata for modern regression analysis of cross-section and panel data.
All the original edition programs (in Stata 10.1) and datasets are available for easy download. See

The text A. Colin Cameron and Pravin K. Trivedi (2005), “Microeconomettrics: Methods and Applications”, Cambridge University Press,
focuses more on methods with applications.
This uses mostly Stata 8 and all the book programs and datasets are available for download.

Several other books on regression methods using Stata have been produced by Stata Press.

The web blog Marginal Revolution suggests some Stata Resources at


Some talks at Stata User’s group meetings are posted. See
This includes talks by me:
Estimating user-defined nonlinear regression models in Stata and in Mata:  cameronwcsug2008.pdf
Panel data methods for microeconmetrics using Stata: Updated version is trpanel.pdf